Know The Top 10 Hottest Places on Earth 2015

Some people can’t withstand the unavailability of the AC even in their vehicles for a while, and there are people those live permanently in burning temperatures. You see places fully covered with snow, and here we come up with the line-up of places those are just unbearably hot. It’s too difficult; but people live here. Guess how high the temperatures would be here; I am sure you will be astonished after we mention the fact. Check it out!

10. Wadi Halfa, Sudan

Wadi Halfa, Sudan

Wadi Halfa stays at the border along Egypt. It was recorded here a temperature of about 54 degrees Celsius in April, 1967. The climate is too dry, and the situation gets worse when the dust storms are formed. In afternoons thunderstorms are pretty frequent to appear, and the blend of sand and dirt create a unique view.

9. Ahwaz, Iran

Ahwaz, Iran

It is here to mention that the average temperature of the place is about 45 degrees. However, people over here face the maximum heat during June-July. During this part of the year the temperature climbs even to 120 F. If some one gives lecture of not sleeping during day time, then don’t obey them here. It’s almost curfew like situations appear during afternoons in markets.

8. Tirat Tsvi, Israel

Tirat Tsvi, Israel

Don’t know whether it is the blazing hot environment or anything else, but the fact is that population here is below seven hundred. It was recorded a temperature of 54 degrees in 1942. The geographical location (more than 200 meters below sea level) is said to be responsible for such situation.

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7. Araouane, Mali

Araouane, Mali

It’s a desert; though very few groups of people make it a village. You can’t find anything else here other than spreading deserts, and the desert wind called Harmattan, which can vague your vision is experienced only at the place. Average temperature here is pretty much fifty.

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