Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India Right Now


India is a country which is rapidly growing and developing. The numbers of jobs are also increasing and so is the need of the qualified people. It is often said that the fitting requirements are required for the fitting position. There are many high paying jobs that are available as career options as well. However, that can only be get when the particular career option has been chosen in India.

10. Business Consultants

Business Consultant is one of the high paying jobs with the average salary of 4-8 Lakh with less than 1 year of experience. The job responsibilities generally include research, client analysis, documentation, presentation and many others. The field is vast and versatile and thus growth is impeccable. A Business Consultant can be in the field of collection market research details and at the same time in Benchmarking as well.

9. Lawyer

Lawyer is a prestigious and equally high paying job. The average salary of a lawyer is around 4.5-9 Lakh per year with less than a year of experience. The best part of the profession and the job is that the money increases with the increase of experience. The job of lawyer has huge growth potential as well. This considered one of the highest paying jobs. Read Also: Top 10 Best Lawyers in India

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8. Aviation

Aviation in commercial is one of the highest paying jobs in India. There are ranges of opportunities in Aviation that are available for the both men and women. However, the most common jobs in Aviation are Pilot and Air Hostesses. Both are very high paying jobs and offer around 6-10 Lakh per year with less than 1 year of experience. Air hostess is also high paying job and gets around the same price. However, the ground staff of aviation do not get equal amount of payment.

7. Doctor

Medical professional or the doctors are heavily paid. There are ranges of hospitals and nursing homes in India that need huge numbers of doctors. One of the most respected and highly qualified job post is paid around 7-11 Lakh per year with less than experience. However, the amount of money offered often depends upon the specialty of the doctor.

6. Oil and Gas

There are ranges of PSUs in India that need professional for the Oil and Gas. The companies like ONGC, IOCL and others offer high paying jobs for the Oil and Gas. However, the opportunities are less and only few of the people get the chance to work in this reputed job. However, the person gets around 7-12 Lakh per Year for this job with less than 1 year of experience.

5. Human Resource Consultant

Human Resource Consultant is a high paying job with huge number of responsibilities and opportunities. The job includes the recruitment and payroll process as well. This is a well paid job and has good amount of scope to improve as well.  The average pay of the HR Consultant is 7-12.5 Lakh per Year.

4. IT Professional

Information Technology is the most common job in India with majority of the people is into IT. However, the reason behind people thronging in into IT is the high payment. The average salary of an average company is around 8-13 Lakh per year. However, the salary depends upon the roles, responsibilities, Technology as well. The amount of payment increases with the increase of experience.

3. Management

The Management jobs are generally grabbed after the MBA. However, it is not necessary that only an MBA can opt for this. People with decent experience can come to the management. This is a high paying job with lots of scope and opportunities. The average salary of this is around 8-14 Lakh per year.

2. Investment Banker

Investment Banker is one of the most privileged jobs in India. Apart from the fact that it is highly paid, it carries lot of weight and reputation as well. The average salary of an investment banker is around 10-15 Lakh per year. However, there is no limit to hire the right candidate in terms of salary.

1. Chartered Accountant

CA is the most paying job in India. The CA has to play many roles including Audit and others. However, every firm needs to hire a CA for the audit purpose and only a CA is allowed to do so. The average salary of a CA is around 10-16 Lakh per year.

These are the jobs that are often considered the Blue Eyed. However, there career options for these jobs and people can easily get into the jobs.

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