Top 10 Greatest Indian Kings in History Ever

India is the country which has been the country of many rulers and kings. They ruled over this country for many years. India is the country with several kings, warriors and rulers. But some of them are most famous because they changed the history and situation of this country. They are the one remembered from that time till now because they build history on their name. They are the historian. We will look at the top ten greatest Indian kings who were famous at that time and remembered till now by the world.


He was the king of India and was Kushan Emperor. He was the king of Punjab and at that time the capital was Peshawar. He had the great military, spiritual and political endeavors. All the major parts of India was ruled by him almost. In the golden history of Indian kings he stands at number ten.


The father of the Gupta dynasty. He ruled 320-335 CE. He said himself Maharajadhiraj and the meaning of this word is kings of kings. This word shows his power and elegance upon other kings and rulers. His ruled parts of country was Preyag, Saket, Magadh.


The successor of the Gupta dynasty and also the greatest king of that time. He was the great combatant and lover of art. His father really liked him and his qualities inspired his father so he choose him for succession. His best quality was that he showed tolerance to religion. He is also known as “Napoleon of India”.



He ruled in the early half of 19th century. He was the founder of Sikh rulers in the history of Indian kings. He was also soft hearted king and showed tolerance and known as “Maharaja of Punjab”. The area of Sutlej to Jhelum was ruled by him.


He was the king from south India. He ruled from 1509- 1529. Great king he was. No body has the courage to touch his territory. He was the lover of art and literature. The golden time period of Telugu literature was under his ruling time period.

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