Top 10 Fastest Trains in India with their Speed in 2015

Railway is the backbone of the Indian economy, with a large chunk of population being dependent on this mode of transport for both, passenger as well as goods travel all over the country. Indian Railways has an extensive network spanning the whole country geographically, in addition to an incredibly large number of trains serving the population of the country. Some of these trains travel at tremendous speeds to facilitate speedy and efficient travel for passengers, carrying them from one place to another in shortest duration of time.

Here is a list of top 10 fastest trains in India along with their speeds as in 2015:

10. Sealdah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express

On tenth spot among the fastest trains in the country is train number 12313, the Sealdah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express, which covers a distance of 1458 km in 17 hours 35 minutes. The Eastern Zone train goes at an average speed of 85.36 km per hour, stopping at 6 destinations on its way.

9. Hazrat Nizammuddin-Bandra Garib Rath

Train number 12910 of Western Zone, Hazrat Nizammudin-Bandra Garib Rath is the fastest Garib Rath and ninth fastest train in India, with its average speed reaching 85.38 km per hour. The train traverses 1366 km in 16 hours 35 minutes, with seven stops along its route.

8. New Delhi-Howrah Duronto

Next on this list is New Delhi-Howrah Duronto, train number 12274 in the Eastern Zone. The train has an average speed of 85.48 km per hour, travelling a total distance of 1446 km in 17 hours 15 minutes. This train has only three stops along its route.

7. New Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani

Another train which is regarded among the fastest ones in India is train number 12302 the New Delhi-Howrah Express, which covers a route measuring 1447 km between these two cities, in a period of 17 hours. The Eastern Zone train has an average speed of 87.53 km per hour, stopping at 6 destinations on its way.

6. New Delhi-Sealdah Duronto

Train number 12260, New Delhi-Sealdah Duronto, an Eastern Zone train, which travels a distance of 1453 km in 16 hours 55 minutes. The express train catches 87.64 up an average speed of km per hour and stops on 3 destinations en route.

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  1. heman says:

    fastest train is Mumbai rajdhani…..
    due to extend of Bhopal shatabdi to habibganj …its average speed decrease to 83

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