Top 10 Fastest Growing Countries in the World 2015

The world is expected to grow by 3.2 percent in 2015. The forecast by the World Bank has eventually hinted out the leaders for the growth. According to the latest survey and reports, a list has been prepared which will forecast top 10 countries in the world which will grow fastest.

10. Ethiopia

One of the major Coffee exporters of the world, Ethiopia is expected to grow at huge rate in 2015. According to the records, the GDP of the country has been growing constantly; however, the per capita income is not so impressive. The country has large base on Agriculture and 40 percent of the economy comes from farming. All the lands are under government in Ethiopia. The expected growth for Ethiopia is 7.96 % for 2015.

9. Angola

This will be another country to look for in 2015. Angola faced some economic crisis last year, but has turned back well this year. Majority of the economy in Angola depends upon the Oil Production and related industries. The nation had to go through the ravages of the prolonged civil war. The expected growth for Angola is 8.08% for 2015.

8. Laos

Everybody might have not heard about the economy of this country, but it is growing at supreme rate. The major economic drive force in Laos is farming. The investment in construction, hydro, power and others come from here. The expected growth of Laos for 2015 is 8.12% for 2015. The country has eradicated poverty by large extent and also has minimum debt burden.

7. Ghana

Ghana is ready to take the carnage of the prosperous economy. It has developed a bright service sector. Apart from it has Oil, Gold and Cocoa production which contributes a large to the economy. The country will look forward to reduce the debt. It is expected to grow by 8.15% in 2015.

6. Mozambique

Even though, majority of the people live below the poverty line in Mozambique but the country has brighter prospect. It has huge amount of Aluminum and the major resource of the economy. The foreign aid is also helping the country to expand the industry. It is expected to grow by 8.73% in 2015.

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