Top 14 Famous Bengali Singers in Bollywood

Apart from the delicious fish curry, there are many other aspects for which Bengalis are known for. I don’t know whether this is the effect of this water living organism, but they are extremely talented artists. Neither I am a Bengali, nor am I drunk. The compilation given below proves it all. Here we present 10 great singers whose music has brought us many good times are originally Bengalis/taken birth in Bengal.

14. R D Burman

R D Burman

R D Burman, or Rahul Dev Burman, also popularly known as Pancham da has gifted us with many melodious tracks those are still alive in our mind. He is considered one of the finest music directors in Bollywood. His father S D Burman was also a great composer. Along His wife Asha Bhosle, R D has scored many awesome tracks. He is the man who introduced Indians with modern music.

13. S D Burman

S D Burman

S D Burman, or Sachin Dev Burman, the father of R D Burman was also a great Indian music composer. He has made tracks for more than 150 flicks. In fact he was moreover a master, a teacher for many greatest singers India has witnessed like Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, etc. S D was pretty active with native Bengali music as well.

12. Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya Ghoshal

Who said beauty and voice never coincide? Melody queen Shreya is a true compilation of greatest female characteristics. Anyway, Shreya has bagged many awards, but winning four National Film Awards, five Filmfare awards, seven Filmfare awards in south industry is too distinguishing and doesn’t really need to talk much about her talent. In addition, Shreya has been honoured from the U.S State of Ohio.

5 thoughts on “Top 14 Famous Bengali Singers in Bollywood”

  1. Pratick Mondal says:

    Where is Kishore Kumar?? You have forgot the most genius singer’s name? Surprising…

    1. Bazlur says:

      kishor is in #3(look carefully)

  2. Aveebishnoo Sarkar says:

    The list does not contain some remarkable names, such as mentioned by Pratick, Kishore Kumar, then Manna De also. Moreover, when we are talking about singers, we should keep aside the persons who are composer first, then singer. So, S D Burman, R D Burman and Bappi Lahiri, we should not consider here. We should consider all of them in ” Top 10 famous Bengali composers” list. Here I am listing the ‘Top 10 Famous Bengali Singers’ just modifying a little of your list :

    1. Hemant Kumar (Hemanta Mukherjee)
    2. Manna De
    3. Kishore Kumar
    4. Abhijeet
    5. Alka Yagnik
    6. Kumar Sanu
    7. Shaan
    8. Babool Supriyo
    9. Shreya Ghosal
    10. Arijit Singh

    Also some points I got from yours, which I want to highlight here.
    A. Bappi Lahiri’s era is 80s. But 90s can never be told as Bappi da’s era. It might goes to Nadeem-Shravan or A R Rahman.
    B. Kumar Sanu is the first Bengali/Indian/Asian who got the honor from Ohio, Dayton, when 31st March was declared as Kumar Sanu Day. Shreya Ghosal is the 2nd person to achieve the same. 26th June declared as Shreya Ghosal Day.

  3. Abhishek says:

    Bro you missed the names of Kishore Kumar(original name was Abhas Kumar Ganguly), Manna Dey, Hemant Kumar and Geeta Dutt(originally named Geeta Ghosh Roychowdhury)

  4. Bazlur says:

    I liked the ranking among the top singers, don’t care at the bottom. Hemanta mukherjee is the king of Bengali songs and his hindi songs are great as a singer and composer

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