Top 10 Diseases Caused By Vitamins Deficiency

Vitamins are substances which are needed to sustain good health. Vitamins are the very essential nutrients in order for us to function daily and they perform hundreds of roles in the body. However, we can’t really take eight to ten pills of vitamins a day just to remain healthy so we need something rich with these vitamins like fruits and veggies. If we won’t, it can lead to one horrible result – diseases.

A person who has vitamins deficiency will develop various physical disorders or diseases that can sometimes show the way to death. Be aware of these and take good care of your health.

Dreadful Diseases Due to Vitamin Deficiencies

10. Pellagra


The Pellagra disease is characterized by four signs: Dementia, diarrhea, dermatitis, and death. You do not have to wait for someone to die just to know he was suffering Pellagra, such three symptoms are enough. Pellagra is a disease caused by lack of Niacin or B3 in the body. It is accompanied by a short supply of amino acids, tryptophan and lysine as well.

9. Beriberi

Beri Beri

A person who is lacking vitamin B1 or thiamine in the body can have a disease called Beri Beri. The most common symptoms of this disease include altered muscle coordination, nerve degeneration as well as cardiovascular problems. You can avoid Beri Beri by eating nutritious foods like meat, eggs, whole grains and dried beans.

8. Anemia


The disease Anemia or the severe vitamin D deficiency is accompanied by dizziness and having no energy to carry out simple tasks. Like calcium, vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of a wide variety of minerals and other vitamins. Without these, your body cannot function properly.

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7. Migraines


People who suffer migraines, especially for those women who undergo excruciating headaches during menstruation usually have vitamin E deficiencies. Lacking of this vitamin can be truly rare but it will need extreme treatments to prevent the side effects.

6. Depression


The disease depression is not just about too much loneliness or sadness; it is also about having vitamin B7 or biotin deficiency. Hair loss, rashes, and even mental problems are some of its effects. It can be prevented by eating dairy products, peanuts and other sources of this vitamin.

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