Know the 10 Countries with Largest Railway Networks 2015

The railway network is like the backbone of any country, as it plays a major role in its commercial, industrial and economic growth. Besides being used to transport goods from one place to another, railways are the main source of passenger transport too, carrying such people to the desired destinations, who cannot afford to travel by air. Moreover, in addition to being one of the cheapest means of transport, railways also boast of great comfort and ease of travel, which is why it is preferred by even those who can spend money on air travel. In this way, railway network is an asset for any nation as well its citizens. Countries with extensively large railway networks have witnessed phenomenal role in the overall growth and development in all sectors, over the past few decades.

Here is the list of 10 countries with the largest railway networks:

1. United States of America

USA is the country which tops the list of countries with largest railway network in the world. The country has a private railway network, which extends to a length of 224792 km, with more than 1600 km of it being electrified.

2. Russia

Russia comes next on the list of top 10 countries with largest railway network, with a nationalized rail network, reaching a tremendous length of 128000 km. out of which nearly 50000 km is electrified.

3. India

India features on number 3 in the list, with its railway network spread over a distance of 116000 km, with and electrified length of 20884 km. the railway in the country is a nationalized department.

4. China

Following closely in the list, with a length reaching 112000 km is the railway network of China. Out of this length, its electrified length measures 55811 km. in this country too, railway is nationalized.

5. Canada

Canada boasts of the fifth largest railway network in the world, with a private rail network extending to a total length of 46552 km. Nearly 129 km of the railway network is electrified.

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