Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet Speed Connections in the World

Internet has become a way of life, with people all over the world dependent on the internet connectivity in one way or the other. The advent of internet in the eighties changed everything the world over. As compared to the maximum speed of 56 kilobits/s in the beginning period, internet broadband connections can now reach a minimum of 700 kilobits/s, which is a phenomenal transition. In the present era, the fastest internet connections are available by the means of fiber optic cables.

Also, satellites provide access to internet in remote places. The functionality of a connection to a great extent, depends upon the speed reached by it. There are some countries in the world, which offer higher internet speeds as compared to others. According to a report on the State of Internet, which was published by Akamai Technologies in 2013, South Korea was the country to have the fastest average download data rate, measuring nearly 23 Mbits/s. As per the Net Index Rankings of 2014, which were published on 1st January, 2015, the world average figure for average connection speed is 21.8 Mbits/s, while there are many countries with speeds much higher than this figure, making them fastest countries in terms on internet speeds.

fastest internet connection

Listed below are the top 10 countries with the fastest internet speed connections in the world:

10. Taiwan

Taiwan comes on number 10 in this list, with the average connection speed figure of 43.32 Mbits/s, as recorded in 2014.

9. Lithuania

With the average connection speed of 45.10 Mbits/s, Lithuania makes it on number 9 among the fastest net speed countries. This figure is more than double of the world average.

8. Netherlands

The European country Netherlands comes next among the fastest internet speed countries on the globe. The average connection speed recorded here in 2014 reached a figure of 45.16 Mbits/s.

7. Switzerland

Following closely with an average connection speed of 45.18 Mbits/s is Switzerland, which earns the number 7 spot on the list of top 10 internet speed countries in the world.

6. Macau

On number 6 in the list is Macau, which registered an average connection speed figure of 46.9 Mbits/s, much better than the world average.

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