Top 10 Comedians in South Indian Movies (Tamil & Telugu)

Comedy is an art and only a very few people are blessed with the ability to make others laugh. South Indian industry, mainly Tamil and Telugu cinema, has some exceptionally talented comedians who have won the hearts of many and brought peals of laughter among the audience, with their natural and hilarious acting.

Here are the top 10 comedians in South Indian movies:

10. Jayaprakash Reddy

Jayaprakash Reddy

Jayaprakash Reddy is a noted actor in the Telugu film industry, who is appreciated for his versatility. Besides having a large number of films in the comedy genre, this talented performer is acclaimed as a villain too in the Telugu industry. He is also referred to as JP.

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9. Goundamani


When we talk of Tamil cinema, Goundamani emerges as the true veteran comedian. The 1939 born actor is still going strong and his widely appreciated for his comic timing and his partnership with comedian, Senthil in the Tamil film industry.

8. Ali


The next name on the list of top 10 best South Indian comedians is that of Ali, who has been a part of not only numerous Tamil, but also Telugu and Hindi movies. The highly acclaimed actor has been give an honorary doctorate by the Academy of Global Peace in 2013.

7. Karunas


Karunas is a popular Tamil comedian, who has been a part of a number of successful movies along with some of the best actors down South. Additionally, he has featured as a lead actor in some movies in Tamil industry, and is also a good singer and musician.

6. Raghu Babu

Raghu Babu

Next on this list is Raghu Babu, a well known Telugu comedy star, who gets his comic timing and talent in legacy from his father, Giri babu, also a renowned comedian in the industry. He is all set to make his debut as a film director too.

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Comedians in South Indian Movies (Tamil & Telugu)”

  1. ugam meghraj says:

    The analysis of comedian is incomparable

  2. Goundamani is all time favorite comedian for most of the Tamil youngsters. Especially for guys. His slang was awesome. Great person.

  3. sudhir kumar says:

    I m ravi teja and bramhanandam big fan

  4. karan says:

    Bharamanand is best among all……………..

  5. Mass says:

    What about soori
    I love soori

  6. laughtercures says:

    Brahmanandam and Vadivelu are different class. They can make you laugh without dialogues and without much expression, i think its because of their body of work and inate ability to be comical , true thespians. I see telugu movies many times only because of Brahmanandam, many of my telugu kannada friends say the same about Vadivelu. We are blessed to have them both in same time.

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