Top 10 Best Business Destinations Cities of India

Business contributes a lot in the success of a country. Business plays a very important role in the development of a society and also in the income generation for the individuals. As the business grows, the income of the individuals increases which increases the social development. Business makes research on alternative uses of the resources and also makes new innovations. So business in a country imparts the platform to every person to make contributions in the development of their country.

Here is a list of top 10 business destinations in India that are very important in the race of starting business or career for the new ones.

10. Kochi

Kochi is the one of the best financial destinations in the Kerala’s hub. With the development of the Smart City Project, it will arise as the new Silicon Valley of Kerala. The city needs some amendments to enhance its value in the facilities like water, energy and mobility. The city should upgrade its transportation means and infrastructure to gain more investments.

9. Nagpur

Standing on rank number 9th, Nagpur is the one of the best destinations to start your career with. The city of Nagpur stands high on the regards of greenery, transportation and health facilities. But the city should have to upgrade its housing and health care services as these are the only facilities that are a lack in Nagpur.

8. Ahmadabad

Ahmadabad is the largest city in the province of Gujarat. The attractions of the city of Ahmadabad are its environment, health and safety facilities that are provided to its residents. The city ranks high on the energy and water supply and these are the main facilities that are needed to start the business.

7. Coimbatore

It is one of the fast growing cities of India that also stands on rank number 7th on the list of business destinations. It is a well-known hub of textile. The city scores high in the water index, human capital and the ability to attract young talent that is why it stands on number seventh.

6. Bhubaneshwar

The city is yet not emerged as the largest Indian city, but it is mostly renowned as one of the best destinations for business. It is the capital of the city of Odisha. The city has highly ranked in the resources of energy and safety aspects.

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  1. Ajish says:

    Kochi is gradually emerging as an important hub for businessmen. With the starting of metro, this will soon start attracting more business ventures.

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