Top 10 Biggest Secrets of the World Ever

People have secrets and so the world. But the more they try to cover those secrets, the more attention it gets. Secrets after few years become mysteries and we can’t help but to ponder about it. But time and time, we come across certain evidences. There might be some secrets deserve to be unrevealed but at least eventually it can be accepted.

Shocking unrevealed secrets and surprises

10. Location of oil deposits in USA

crude oil

The exact location of the oil mining remains a secret for US government. Some people said that the government just wants to avoid additional financial liabilities. One other reason why the locations are being kept is to prevent rich individuals from buying the land. The government does not want anyone to find out such land.

9. Medical secrets of US

When it comes to patient’s medical information, the United State of America’s law announces that it should be kept a secret. The government formulated this law to avoid any sort of embarrassment or dishonor to patients. The medical files can only be accessed by the authorized personnel that were legally or medically approved.

8. Hapsburg napkin folding in Austria

Folding the Hapsburg napkin

Folding the Hapsburg napkin is a royal act in Austria and there are some secret guidelines involve with it. The special fold of the napkin was used only at the royal tables. Some people say that keeping such napkin folding a secret is a royal culture. That is why there is no written guidelines can be found anywhere in the world and no one can replicate it except those trusted royal officials.

7. Secret of KFC restaurants

KFC has been one of the biggest restaurants in the world. They serve very delicious foods that everyone talked about yet nobody find out the real secret of the recipe. The recipe remains a mystery to the public and it is secretly kept and highly guarded at the company’s headquarters.

6. Area 51 in Nevada desert

Area 51

The area 51 remains a weird stuff of the US government for almost 60 years. It is a giant desert base and is said to be the facility of US air force military. However, CIA reported that the area has been highly guarded from the public because of only one purpose – to test top secret aircraft projects.

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