Top 10 Biggest Hockey Stadiums in the World 2017

Hockey is one of my favourite games. You can’t sustain here without fitness, hard work, or talent. However apart from the quirky moves made by the players I am in fact much attracted by the picturesque view of the hockey grounds and gallery. Only the passionate can understand the excitement of watching the game from the stadium. On this context, we present below the 10 most renowned hockey stadiums in the world.

10. Riverbank Arenas

The stadium was fortunate to organize matches of 2012 Summer Olympics in London. It holds a unique record of being the only venue where the game was played on blue turf. Having the capacity of more than 20,000 capacities this is one of the stadiums constructed in most flawless manner. It is going to host the 2015 Euro Hockey Nations championship as well.

9. The Olympic Hockey Centre

Olympic Hockey Centre Rio de Janerio, Brazil is in much as it is going to host the filed hockey matches in prestigious 2016 Summer Olympics. There are to courts nicely arranged in the stadium. The primary court holds the capacity of about 10,000 audiences; where as the secondary court has the capacity of 5,000.

8. Olympic Green Hockey Field

Olympic Green Hockey Field, China is one of the most beautifully made stadiums. This has been one of the frequently appearing names in compilations made of beautiful stadiums. It has hosted 2008 Summer Olympics field hockey championship. Covering about 12 hectares land it holds the capacity of about 17,000 audiences.

7. Hellinikon Olympic Hockey Centre

Helinikon Olympic Hockey Centre is one of the most famous hockey centres over the globe. It was the hockey destinations at 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. There are a couple of hockey fields available within the region. It holds a capacity of about 15,000 people.

6. Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre

Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre is one of the most revamped stadiums with all high-end facilities over the globe. Its governing body is in New South ales. It has also hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics. In addition, the centre has hosted many Paralympics tournaments as well.

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  1. Elaine says:

    The National Hockey Stadium n Lahore has the largest seating capacity which holds 45,000 spectators.

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