Top 10 Biggest BPO Companies in the World

BPO implies business process outsourcing, has become a major part of running business organizations in the present times. Therefore, a large number of companies around the world have come forth to provide these essential services to international clientage.

Listed below are the top 10 biggest BPO companies in the world:

1. Accenture

Leading on the list of biggest BPO Companies in the world is an Ireland based global management consulting and technology service company, called Accenture. This is the largest consultation firm globally, in addition to being a Fortune 500 company.

2. Infosys

On the number two spot on this list is the BPO subsidiary of the technology giant, Infosys, which was set up in 2002. This huge company does outsourcing for nearly 125 clients across the globe, with over 21400 employees, working at 18 locations around the world.

3. HCL Technologies

Another globally reputed BPO company is HCL Technologies, which deals in infrastructure services, in addition to business process outsourcing and IT services. The company is based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India and is known for excellent services provided to international clients.


Occupying the no 4 position among the biggest BPO companies is the US based company called CBRE, another Fortune 500 company which is based in Los Angeles. Besides its excellent BPO services, this company excels in providing real estate services like project management and sale and lease advice for property. The company has more than 300 offices around the world, with more than 34000 employees providing their services to them.

5. ISS

Featuring next on this list is a BPO company called ISS (International Service System), which is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and dates back to 1901. Facility management, BPO, security services and property services are some of the services provided by ISS.

6. NCR

The next name on the list of top 10 BPO services in India is that of American company called NCR, which deals in computer hardware and electronics related to business, such as point of sale terminals, ATMs, barcode readers and other consumables used in business.

7. Wipro Technologies

Wipro Technologies is another reputed name, which provides top class BPO services, along with IT services and consultation. The company also manufactures a wide range of equipment including Wipro desktops, servers and notebooks.

8. Capegemini

A leader among the BPO companies around the world is the French IT company called Capegemini, which provides professional services in more than 40 companies around the world, with more than 115000 experienced working professionals employed at them.

9. CSC

CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), a US based IT service provider comes next among the biggest BPO companies in the world. The company is based in Virginia, USA and is engaged in wide range of services, such as BPO services, IT infrastructure and managed hosting services.

10. Tele Tech

Next on the list of biggest BPO services in the world is Tele Tech, which provides outsourcing services such as database marketing, ecommerce, transaction processing and customer management. It has over 62 centers in 17 countries around the globe.

Some other big players in the field of BPO services are Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, Cognizant, Genpact and Stream Global Services.


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    what is the source of the list?

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