The Top 10 Best Wrestlers in the World 2015

Let’s be factual. To make a name in the sport-entertainment industry, one has to be tough and this is attributed by wins. However, in the wrestling world, wins only don’t necessarily guarantee one to be considered amongst the greatest. It requires more, for example establishing an image with the WWE world.

The following list outlines the 10 greatest and most promising personalities in the world of wrestling.

10. Sting


An icon of both TNA and WCW, he made little appearances in WWE. Nonetheless, he boasts of becoming probably the first and only wrestler inducted for both the TNA and WWE halls of fame.

9. John Cena

John Cena

One of the longest WWE title holders of all time, Cena has dominated the wrestling industry for a while. His fans love him with his unique approach to wrestling, mixing it with HIP-HOP culture. He managed to battle for 10 WWE titles since 2005, making him one of the most feared wrestlers of time. He has also featured in the acting industry notably the movie, ‘The Marine’.

8. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels

Alias the ‘Heart Break Kid’, Mr. Michaels is undoubtedly a 4-time world champion. Partnering with Triple H, he co-founded D-Generation X, a stable that was well known for causing rampage in WWE. He also belonged to Rocker, a stable as well. He quit wrestling for a while following a severe back injury only to return in 2002 to win the world championship title.

7. Triple H

Triple H

‘The Game’ as he’s commonly referred to, is a 13 time title holder. He co-founded D-Generation X together with Shawn Michaels and later on chaired Evolution which featured the likes of Randy Orton as well as Batista. The towering man is certainly celebrated for his icon and style making him the second most decorated world champion in history.

6. Randy Orton

Randy Orton

As a top wrestler, Orton is a 12-time championship holder. He records as the youngest world heavyweight champion and the first ever WWE world heavyweight champion making him as a decorated wrestler of all time.

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