Top 10 Best Whiskey Brands in the World

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage which has immense fan following around the globe, surpassing drinkers of other drinks like beer, wine and rum. It is believed to have been originated in Italy, but is now popular all over the globe. Drinkers rate various whiskey brands on the basis of their taste, appearance, aroma and price.

Following are the top 10 whiskey brands in the world:

10. Kakubin

Kakubin is a popular Japanese whiskey brand, which is owned by Osaka based company called Suntory. Kakubin literally means “square bottle” and is quite easily identified because of its turtle shell patterned square shaped bottle.

9. Black Nikka

The popular Japanese brand Black Nikka comes next on this list. This brand is owned by Asahi Breweries at present and was founded by Masataka Taketsuru, who studied distillery in the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

8. Seagrams 7 Crown

The next name among top 10 whiskeys in the world is Seagrams 7 Crown, a brand owned by Diageo, one of the most popular variants of this brand is the honey flavored whiskey called Seagrams Dark Honey. The combination drink “7 and 7”, which is mix of this whiskey with soft drink 7 Up has become a raving global hit.

7. Black Velvet

Another leading whiskey brand to make it in this list is the Canadian brand called “Black Velvet”, owned by Constellation, one of the biggest manufacturers of beer, spirit and wine. The name of this whiskey was Black Label, but it was changed to Black Velvet on account of its amazing velvety taste.

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6. Jameson Irish

As the name suggests, Jameson Irish is a leading Irish brand owned by a company called Irish Distillers, which dates back to 1780. This brand is among the best selling brands and its variant “The Rarest Reserve” has been rated as one of the top 20 whiskies in the world by Proof 66.

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