Top 10 Best Website Builder Sites To Make Your Own Website

Building your own website has become very common and therefore there has been an influx of website building platforms on to the market. However, people generally find that it can be very time consuming and sometimes frustrating building their own website. Website Design is very important and most people tend to hire Web Design experts to do this for them. In the modern era of technology, it is possible to build your own website without any expert help. There are many website builders available in the market that can help you to achieve this for free or a small amount of financial investment. Here are some of the best website builders that can help you to build your own website.

1. Wix

Wix is one of the most popular website builder platforms in the world. It is often rated as the best one for its excellent interfaces. There are a range of templates available for different business sectors and purposes. You can even build mobile websites using their tools and their services start from free, although you can upgrade to premium plans.

2. Weebly

This is another website builder that is known for enriched options and excellent interfaces. The attractive designs and many numbers of templates available make it one of the best in the industry. You do have the option of a free account as well. You can create custom mobile sites also. Moreover, Weebly allows you to download the code of your website in general HTML/CSS mode.

3. Duda One

This is mostly known for their mobile website option. However, the best part of the website builder is their interfaces. These are very clear and you have the options of integrating social media as well. You can add their site traffic analysis and have their web store tools as well for better implementation and website management. Their paid options start around $5.00 per month.

4. Squarespace

If you love responsive design and quality website building then Squarespace is one of the best website builders available. Their powerful website building tools are known for interesting and amazing interfaces. You can have a digital download facility as well along with analytics tool. There platform starts from around $8.00 per month.

5. GoDaddy

This is a very famous and popular website builder and domain provider and known for their storage limits. However, the most generous part of the website builder is the simplicity and ease of use. You can have many features like drag and drop to simplify the building process. Their plans start from $5.99 per month.

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