Top 10 Best Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

Visiting Sydney, one of the great harbour cities of the world, is dream of many people. Being the largest city of Australia, Sydney brings numerous things to do for the travelers and for tourists. The city of Sydney is surely a good looking city with the host to exquisite architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Sydney is also a home to rich history which is a complete blend to ancient and modern history. Sydney contains latest fashion with vibrant entertainment with the plenty of landmarks to watch.

Things to do in Sydney

The city of Sydney is the most popular tourist destination that is the home to numerous landmarks. Tourists visit Sydney during the best times of late September to early December and late February to April. It is blessed with many natural assets that is why Sydney is on the list of every tourist. Top attractions of Sydney include:

1. Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower

If you are visiting Sydney for the first time, then Sydney tower is the best place to start your journey with. It is twice the height of the Sydney harbour which is almost 250m high. It is located exactly at the heart of Market St.

2. Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is the incredible zoo that is the house to 2,900 exotic and native kinds of animals that includes tigers, leopards, giraffes, kangaroos and many other species. So visiting this zoo is a must do thing while you are in Sydney.

3. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

It is a renowned arts center that is situated in the Sydney Harbour that is the world’s busiest site ever. If you want to justify your money, then visit the backstage of the Opera House to learn about the inner workings of this icon.

4. Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves

Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves

The nature based destination of Sydney, is the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves that is the choice of numerous tourists while they are out in Sydney. The Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves represents the scenic beauty of the nature with its bevy of wild life.

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