Top 10 Best Things to Do in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the great city to visit in Thailand. It is one of the cities that had begun its journey as a small trading center but have now risen to standard of the big metro city of Thailand. It is considered as the heart of Siami’s it is the most exciting and dynamic city that is the perfect blend of modern and ancient history. The history of Bangkok is full of vibrant culture that can be still seen in the people of Bangkok. It is one of the most visitedcities of the world and has ranked as the global top destination city by international visitors and arrivals by MasterCard.

Things to do at Bangkok

There are actually hundreds of things to do at Bangkok that can literally confuse the one about what to visit or what to not. From temples to its markets, shopping malls to museums, everything in Bangkok seems so perfect that one can stay happily in the city for a year. The peak season to visit Bangkok is between November and March when the footfall of visitors is particularly high. But Bangkok is an ideal spot to visit all around the year.

1. Amuse with the SEA LIFE

sea life

One of the largest aquarium in the South Asia, Sea life is the must do thing at Bangkok. Previously it was called as the Ocean World but now it is known as Sea life. Exhibiting numerous colorful and bright species of fish including octopus and turtles, sea life is a welcome place to millions of tourists.

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2. Visit the National Museum

National Museum Bangkok

Visiting the National Museum at Bangkok is also worth doing thing. It is the largest museum of the Southeast Asia where you can discover countless subjects of interests of the city of Bangkok, giving the overview of the traditional heritage of the city. The museum represents the great work of architects with the beautifully designed interiors.

3. Have a Trip to Khao San Road

Khao San Road

The best known street of the city, Khao San Road is a worth watching street that features the paradise of top things of Bangkok. The street is full of hustle and bustle of people equally at night and on during day. You can buy anything from this street ranging from pirated CDs to handicraft’s pieces.

4. Glance at Chao Phraya River

Chao Phraya River

The river that flows in the heart of Bangkok adds beauty to the whole city. The river surrounds the landmarks and the buildings give the beautiful scenic view at night. You can also enjoy the long boating through the deep water.

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