Top 10 Best Sunglasses Brands for Men & Women in India


Sunglasses are one of the most popular accessories in India. The uses of sunglasses have various reasons. It protects you from Sun, Heat, and UV rays and also gives a style statement. The sunglasses are available in various sizes, shapes and colors. There are varieties of brands available in India for men and women, which are known for style and quality. Here are the top 10 brands of Sunglasses for men and women in India.

Best Sunglasses

10. Ray Ban

This is one of the most popular sunglasses brands available in the country. Ray Ban is known for unique style and wide ranges. You can get a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes with this brand. The high quality sunglasses are bit costly and the price range starts from INR 2000.

9. Fast Track

This is another popular brand in India and also one of the Indian brands known for high quality. The different variety and the wide range is also one of the best parts of the Sunglasses. The price range starts from INR 795 for the brand.

8. Polaroid

This is one of the brands that is known for high quality and diverse use. The sunglasses can be used for the biking, skiing, trekking and many other purposes. Polaroid has sunglasses of different shapes and sizes and different hues as well. The price range of the sunglasses starts from INR 1000.

7. CK Jeans

This is one of the most preferred brands in India for both men and women. The different sizes and shapes for different genres are the prime reasons for the success of the brand. Even though the price of the brand is on the higher side but people do not shy away from it. The price range starts from INR 4000.

6. Flying Machine

If you talk about popular brands for style in sunglasses then you cannot ignore Flying Machine. The affordable and equally loved sunglasses are style statement for both men and women. The price ranges starts from INR 595 and it offers a huge variety in all aspects.

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