Top 10 Best Rum Brands in India 2016

Rum is one of the favorite alcoholic drinks, which has an avid fan following among party lovers around the world. Essentially a sugarcane based drink, rum is available in dark rum and white rum variants, used as a drink or in mocktails. There are a large number or rum brands in the Indian market today, each having its own solid client base.

Here is a list of top 10 best rum brands in India:

10. Hercules


A popular brand sold in the defense segment of the country is Hercules, which is available in three variants, namely Hercules White Rum, Hercules Deluxe Rum Dark and Hercules XXX Rum. The alcohol content in this brand of rum is nearly 42.8% and it is priced at Rs 116 for 180 ml.

9. Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger

Next on the list of top 10 beer brands in India is Jolly Roger, a product of Allied Blenders and Distillers. With an alcohol content of 42.8%, this molasses based product contains a slight hint of spices, which lends it a unique taste. Price starts at Rs 270 for 750 ml.

8. Old Port

Old Port

Another popular brand of rum in India is Old Port, which comes from the house of Amrut Distilleries. The rum contains hints of flavors of vanilla and butterscotch and is available in four variants. It has 40% alcohol content and price starts at Rs 65 for 180 ml pack.

7. Contessa


Contessa Rum is a brand from Radico Khaitan, which contains a hint of raisins and is the only beer in the country made from cane juice spirit. Its alcohol content is 42.8% and it caters mainly to defense sector. The brand is affordably priced at Rs 65 for 180 ml.

6. Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan

Next on the list is a brand called Captain Morgan, a celebrated brand all over the world, on account of its great variety and extraordinary taste. Diageo is the company which markets this brand in India. It has a hint of spices and contains alcohol up to 42.8%. price is Rs 200 for 180 ml.

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