The Top 10 Best Restaurants in the World 2015

Everyone has to eat and everyone loves a good restaurant. What makes one restaurant better than another? Beautiful surroundings, friendly staff, and delicious food are considered when finding the best of the best. Each September in London, the 50 Best Restaurants are determined. This list motivates chefs to create more tasteful cuisines and gives us normal people a great guide to eating out. Here is the list of the top ten best and famous restaurants around the world.

10. The Ledbury

Located in London, UK, The Ledbury serves modern French cuisine in a classical dining area. A typical dinner for two at this restaurant would cost around $270. Although the dished are not visually striking, they are full of deeply layered flavors. Local suppliers mean fresh dishes daily.

9. Alinea

Located in Chicago, USA, Alinea serves modern style cooking with completely unique ideas. Some of these ideas include serving lily blossoms in a main dish. A typical dinner for two costs around $420. The price may be high but the standards of art are even higher.

8. Arzak

Located in San Sebastian, Spain, Arzak is a family restaurant that has been part of the best restaurants in the world since it opened in 1989. A meal for two is likely to cost around $530. The dish the Arzak is most famous for is Squid with onion and lemon sauce.

7. D.O.M.

D.O.M., short for Deo Optimis Maximus, means “God is the best.” This fine dining restaurant serves up dishes of the Brazilian-Amazonian cuisine. The chef actually travelled to the Amazon to test ingredients for his dishes. A meal for two costs around $400 and is full of unusual flavors. D.O.M. is one of the best restaurants in South America.

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6. Mugaritz

The second restaurant on this list located in San Sebastian, Spain, Mugaritz is a surprising restaurant. The dishes served here are known as shocking and are priced at about $235 per person. Named after an oak tree, this restaurant is delectable and delicious.

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