Top 10 Best Red Wine Brands in India 2017

The liquor market and the wine market in the recent decades has seen a drastic change in the taste for population in India loves to booze as more and more international brands are available with sizzling taste and quality to turn around your mood, more and more party like mood and Bars with unique themes placed in different metro cities. As the most of the population trying different wines as red wines and liking its taste and festive mood quality with less amount of alcohol is new celebrations companion. The best thing Red Wines is no association with any of the gender or age barge, the best available choice of Red Wines as a combination of Indian based company and International rolling brands will surely amaze you.

The listing of top choice available will surely let you try the best out there, red wines tasters and their buzz in the market is the criteria for rating these Red Wines as top 10.

10. Chateau d’Ori Cabernet Merlot 2007 

Chateau D'ori Merlot wine

One of the finest Indian based company that uses the exotic tastes of rare grapes flavor as Cabernet and Merlot for the deep red wine range offered, the intense aroma of the wine will surely urge you to try it more than one time. The Wine wit the tag of Chateau d’Ori is best combined with lavish meat meal to add more delight moment for special dinners.

Price Range: 648 for 750ml

9. Seagram’s Nine Hills 

Seagram’a Nine Hills

Seagram is a well-known brand in the chain of whiskey, the mainstream whiskey player in the market earned a great response from the consumer and lead it to won the award as the most tastier Wine far back in 2007. The combination of vanilla and cherry that leads it fruitful red color adds pleasant aroma and fruity notes with a combination of strawberry that acts as a cameo in the taste maker. The soft and soothing drink best combines with spicy dishes and deep fried fishes, buy it for a yummy element for special dates.

Price Range: 565 for 750ml

8. La’ Reserve 

La’ Reserve

Grover Zampa Vineyards one of the well Known Vineyards is the manufacturer of the leading taste offered as the full-bodied wine. The wine carries likes of the strong tastier and loveable ingredients as chocolate, coffee beans and vanilla that combines well for sizzling aroma and a best available option to be tried with grilled kebabs and Biryanis.

Price Range: 800 for 750ml

7. Dindori Reserve Shiraz of Sula Vineyards 

Dindori Reserve Shiraz

The Red Wine with fine lush taste experience of berry will surely enhance your special occasions, the brand Dindori Reserve Shirasz of Sula Vineyards won the top spot in the 2009 challenge for Best Indian Wine brand in India. The Wine best combines with nonvegetarian dishes as lambs and hard cheese. You can but the Wine from the leading stores of metro cities.

Price Range: 850 for 750ml

6. Barrique Reserve Shiraz 

Barrique Reserve Shiraz

The wine is one of the leading names as India’s brand series available as Red Wines, the exotic taste of the wine leads as one of the leading gift options on special occasions, the wine is produced by the famous Four Seasons Vineyards located in the Baramati region of Maharashtra. The Wine is not sweet in taste as the taste combiners of the wine are different spices and ripe blackberries. The wine is best served with red meat and mushrooms.

Price Range:  900 for 750ml

5. Rasa Shiraz 

Rasa Shiraz

The proud Indian brand with immense popularity as the Wine is exported to other countries for a better Wine option available for them, the wine has an award winning reputation and it is maintained by the famous Sula Vineyards that has its base in Nashik. The best element for the brand is fruity aroma and exotic taste.

Price Range: 1,175 for 750ml

4. Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

The colorful wine with a combination of purple and deep red color served as a lavish drink option for better celebrations, the best-rated elements for the wine is its fruity aroma and full bodied taste. The top rated flavors of pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg combine for the extraordinary taste for best of occasions.

Price Range:  1,375 for 750ml



SETTE is one of the leading names in the series of Wines and Whisky, the brand has its base in Akluj and Fratelli Wines are the proud manufacturer of the great taste. The Silver Medal tag to its account at the world level competition based on Decanter World Wines Award in 2013 speaks about its worldwide popularity. The taste of ripe fruits in combination with vanilla adds more taste to Indian spicy foods.

Price Range:  1,650 for 750ml

2. Chene Grand Reserve 

Chene Grand Reserve

Another leading wine produced by Grover Zampa Vineyards has made way to the list of best wine option available in India at the second rank in India. The Red wine carries many international awards as its best-served performance at the global level. The wine carries the taste of berries and plums that combine well with dishes stews and pasta.

Price Range: INR 1,700 for 750ml

1. Grover La’Reserve

la reserve

The top position acquirer in the list offers a great set of taste and best available bottle design with affordable price range. All these combinations works well to lead it to the top, the delectable taste provides a long lasting magic moment.

Price Range: 800 for 750ml




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