Top 10 Best Raw Banana Food Recipes

Almost all of you have eaten bananas and surely they make the number one fruit in the world, when it comes to the favorite fruit in the world. But I bet that none of you have eaten the raw or green bananas. What Raw Bananas? Are you kidding me? No I am definitely not. Raw Bananas are something that is really very advantageous that can affect your health in a really positive manner.

Now you are thinking that what exactly are the raw bananas? And how can you use them? Raw bananas are not any kind of new or exotic breed; it is the unripe version of your very own bananas. Now here is your solution to how you can use raw bananas in your daily diet. I am going to list the 10 best recipes that contain raw bananas as the main ingredients:

10. Marinated Raw Banana Kiwi Skewers

Marinated Raw Banana Kiwi Skewers

When it comes to bananas and especially raw bananas, then you have a lot more options that you can choose from. The one of the most yum recipe that is formulated with the help of raw bananas are the Marinated Raw Banana Kiwi Skewers. This recipe is especially for breakfast. The fun filling of its recipe will create a big smile on your face at the start of a day.

9. Raw Banana Kebabs

This one is really unique and simple recipe that uses the goodness of the raw bananas in the healthy and totally nutritious snack. The best part of the dish is that you cannot even guess the taste of bananas in these kebabs that are really very delicious and tempting.

8. Raw Banana Walnut Bread

This is one of the most energizing and the most delicious recipe that you can try at your home with the raw bananas. Enjoy your cool morning or the foggy evening with these delicious and the tempting raw banana bread that is having the crunchy flavors of walnuts. These bread pieces are really nutritious and filling that you can enjoy at any hour of the day.

7. Raw Banana Cheesecake

For the people loving desserts, here is the one best recipe that you can make and enjoy with the goodness of raw bananas. This delicious raw banana cheesecake is the filling one that can replace a whole meal. Drizzle some melted chocolate over this no bake cheesecake along with some nuts and enjoy this nutritious and tempting recipe.

6. Kerala-Style Avial

This south Indian recipe is a must try one that is also having the goodness of the raw bananas. This one is no more than a sweet curry or broth that consists of the creamy, flavorful and coconut-y blend of fresh veggies along with the raw bananas.

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