Top 10 Best PVC Pipe Fitting Companies in India 2017

In the recent years, we have seen a great boom in the development projects across India, some of the development projects are based on the government based sector and the other ranges in the private sector. PVC pipes are available in the market as different segment, the usage of these pipes ranges in many fields. Some of the main usage of these pipes are in agricultural fields, household pipes to carry water from tanks to flats. The pipe segment of market in India has great standing at International level as these PVC Pipe manufacturers exports large share of their production in International market, the ISO mark as the tag of pipes act as guarantee to offer best available product.

The field is not much advertised on television or through different gateways, so there is no clear information about the best choice available in the market. Here is the list of top PVC pipe fitting brand manufacturers available in India and the choice is based on the usage of these pipes in long term businesses and their durability with best in range.

10. Supreme Polytubes Pvt. Ltd.

Supreme Polytubes company is the leading India based company that has earned the tenth spot in the listing, the company has its base in New Delhi with its fortune established in 1973. The company stands as leading PVC pipe manufacturer and also exports these pipes to a different nation, leading pipes are marked as PVC Agricultural pipes, flexible pipes, plumbing pipes and UPVC Pipes. Supreme Polytubes is an ISO certified firm following proper guidelines for the products.

9. Dutron Group

Dutron Group

The company was founded in 1962 and stands as ISO certified company with its leading name in the sector of housing pipes in India. The company forms ninth spot in the list of PVC pipe fitting companies, the modern range of pipes is based on best of technology with a different range of usage offered. The range of pipes available is available in different categories as pressure pipes, casing pipes, and column pipes.

8. SUDHAKAR Polymer Products

SUDHAKAR Polymer Products

The company formed back in 1971 has its base in Andhra Pradesh and commits  to manufacture series of PVC Pipes ranging from electrical pipes and fittings, platinum pipes, SWR Pipes and water pipes. The PVC Pipe manufacturer company offers affordable price range with best ISO certified products.

7. Captain Pipes

Captain pvc Pipes

The Gujarat Based company is ISO 9001:2008 company with an impressive set of pipes available in PVC pipes and fittings with three categories of main pipes as casing pipes, pressure pipes, and column pipes. The company also offers a range of column pipes and also available as the choice for PVC pipe fitting manufactures. The company boasts fitted with Japanese injection molding machines wand German lines.

6. Kankai Pipes and Fittings Pvt Ltd

Kankai Pipes and Fittings

The recently based company in 2010 has established its great name in the plastic pipes and fittings in India. The company mainly manufactures pipes based on UPVC Pipes and CPVC pipes, brass fitting for homes and range of pipes available for agricultural industries.

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  2. Kirti Tyagi says:

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