Top 10 Best Pumpkin Food Recipes

Pumpkin is one of the widely grown vegetables in the whole world. This vegetable is rich in the nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. It is available in every season and in every month. These are one of the most popular Halloween decorations and not only concerned with Halloween, pumpkins are ae used in the wide variety of dishes all across the world and all across the cuisines. Pumpkins are greatly used as the fat reducing food and that is the reason it is considered to be the low caloric food.

From the breakfast to the desserts, pumpkins are used in the variety of foods among which top 10 are listed below:

10. Pecan and Pumpkin Tart

Pecan and Pumpkin Tart

Another one of the best food that consists of the pumpkin as the major ingredient is the Pecan and Pumpkin Tart. It is considered to be the combination that never fails to please the people and also the guests. Toasted pumpkin seeds and the pecan add the satisfying crunch to tart lovers.

9. Erissery

It is one of the traditional South Indian dishes that are really common and popular among the people of Kerala. This one is considered to be the special festive dish that adds to the celebrations. It is the balanced curry that consists of the taste of pumpkin along with the coconut.

8. Pumpkin Oambhal

This one is the sweet and sour pumpkin recipe that consists of the goodness of pumpkin along with the sweet flavor of jaggery and the tangy flavor of tamarind. It is really quick and easy to make recipe that is surely the crowd- pleaser.

7. Roasted pumpkin with maple, almonds and sage

Another really good combination of the pumpkins along with other ingredients like almond, maple syrup and sage. This is the great version to take as the snack and also as the dessert. The Roasted pumpkin with maple, almonds and sage gives the best flavor when served with amaretti biscuits or gram masala.

6. Baked Pumpkin

If you are in the verge to lose your weight with the low calorie foods, then Pumpkin that is baked is the best option. It is the best treat that can give you the royal treat when served with the fish fillet and other low calorie dishes. Top it with coriander and some red chilies.

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