Top 10 Best Photographers in the World 2015

Taking pictures is easy however taking pictures that capture a moment and evoke emotion is an art. The passion some photographers have for their craft make them true artists. Even though art cannot be rated, there are always favorites among the public. Let’s take a look at the top ten photographers around the world.

10. Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt is an English photographer born in 1966. He works mostly in Africa taking wildlife photos. Before turning to photography, Brandt was a film director. To evoke the feelings of his subjects, he likes black and white photography. Brandt does not believe in telephoto lenses and instead prefers to get as close to his subject as possible. His images have been described as haunting and powerful.

9. Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries is a portrait photographer from America. He is an accountant who has become one of the most popular self-taught photographers worldwide. Jeffries is famous for his black and white photos of homeless people. The images are his way to make people aware of the less fortunate. Jeffries uses photography to portray his compassion to the world.

8. Timothy Allen

An English photographer born in 1971, Allen photographs mostly indigenous people and their secluded communities. Allen said he takes pictures to better understand himself and his relationship to others. With this philosophy, it’s no wonder he has won multiple awards.

7. Lynsey Addario

An American photojournalist born in 1974, Addario focuses on women in traditional societies and human rights issues. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, New York Times Magazine, TIME, and National Geographic. Addario tells the real story through her images making them raw and sometimes tough on the eye. She tries to create a contrast between the real and imaginary world.

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6. Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is an American editorial photographer born in 1950. The recipient of many awards, McCurry looks for the souls of his subjects when shooting. His most famous photo is of an Afghan girl and was names the most recognizable photo by National Geographic.

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