Top 10 Best Petrol Cars in India 2015

Everyone knows how exciting is about taking full out of the Indian markets. However, it is at the same time a fact that thing is not that easy as it seems. Tasting success is quite tricky here. Anyway, the four-wheeler segments have witnessed significant success in India. Credit goes to the perfect understanding of market situations and redefined models. The petrol cars have seen encouraging success in past few days. These are having their user base. On this context, we have made this compilation that presents ten best car names those are expected to be big hits of 2015.

1. Hyundai Eon

Hyundai Eon 

Hyundai Eon is one of the finest options for Indian family being well within the budget. Having the ARAI rated fuel efficiency of 21.1 kmpl the vehicle is quite perfect for Indian roads. It can deliver the mileage of 13.7kpl in cities, and about 18 kmpl in highways. Powered by the 814 cc three cylinder engine the car generates 55 bhp powers. It can be bagged at around Rs. 4 lakhs.

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2. Datsun Go

Datsun Go

If you are looking for a fuel efficient four-wheeler for typical Indian scenarios, then this can be a very good option. It has the ARAI rank of 20.63. Anyway, if you are driving on city roads it can deliver the fuel efficiency of 13 kpl, and running on highways it can deliver the mileage of 18 kpl. Powered by the 1198cc three cylinder engines it generates power of 67 bhp and torque of 10.61 kgm. It can be bagged for Rs. 3 laks.

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3. Hyundai Xcent

Hyundai Xcent

Hyundai products have been the top priorities for Indians. Xcent is one of the finest compilations from the house. Coming to the mechanical parts, the four-wheeler gets powered by 1.2 litres engine generating 83 bhp powers along the torque of 117 nm. It perfectly matches the Indian fuel efficient mindset as well delivering the mileage of 19.1 kmpl on an average. It costs around 5.5 lakhs.

4. Nissan Micra Active

Nissan Micra Active

Here we come up with one of the most preferred petrol engine cars. It is having the ARAI rated fuel capacity of 19.49 kpl. Coming to the mileage, the car delivers about 12 kpl on city roads, and upon driving over the highways it can deliver mileage of about 18 kpl. Powered by the 1198cc three cylinder engines it generates 75 bhp powers along 10.6 kgm torque. It costs about 4 lakhs.

5. Ford EcoSport 1.0

Ford EcoSport 1.0

This Ford cruiser gets powered by 1 litre petrol EcoBoost engine. It holds the ARAI fuel efficiency of 18.9 kpl. If you are a city rider then the car delivers about 12 kpl mileages for you, and those ride over the highways it is capable of delivering 17kpl. It has the 999c four cylinder engine generating 123 bhp power and 17.3kgm torque. You can bag it for about 9 lakhs.

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