Top 10 Best Olive Oil Brands Available In India

Living healthy is very important for all of us. For healthy living, healthy lifestyle is the must. A healthy lifestyle means healthy food which has to be cooked in pure oil and has unsaturated fatty gradients. This oil is easily consumed and digest in the body. Oil is an essential ingredient to complete the food. Oil is used to cook the food and for salad decoration also. A food is incomplete without oil, a little oil is thus needed to cook food or dress the salad. Therefore, it is essential to use the type of oil which is healthy and easy to digest.

Olive oil is the right choice for this selection but the key problem is that there are a number of brands of Olive oil available in the market. Therefore, it is very difficult for the consumer to choose the right Olive oil which is good for individual health. In order to help you choosing the right brand, here is the list of Top 10 Olive oils available in India.

10. Aroma Magic Oil

Aroma Magic Oil

Olive oils are generally priced higher as compared to the other oils used for cooking in India. If you are looking for Olive oil which suits your wallet and equally effective then Aroma Magic Oil is the right choice for you. It consists of all the health benefits of Olive oil and also become cost effective.

9. Bertolli Classico Olive Oil

BertolliClassico Oil

Bertolli Classico Olive oil has distinct features and used for multiple purposes like cooking, salad decoration, hair oil and also for your skin.

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8. Oleev Active Oil

Oleev Active Oil

Oleev Active Oil is best for Indian way of cooking as it doesn’t contain any sort of smell. If you want a type of Olive oil last for the long duration of time then this is the right choice for you.  The only disadvantage of this oil is that it is slightly on higher price range but the main benefit is that it last longer than normal oil.

7. MIMI Olive Oil

MIMI Olive Oil

MIMI Olive oil is another in this list having neutral smell and taste. It can be used to prepare every kind of dish and can also be used perfectly for salad decoration.

6. Gata Fareway Extra Light Oil

 Gata Fareway Extra Light Oil

This type of Oil is manufactured from the olive oil trees extract. This oil is light in weight and having the neutral smell. This is good for cooking, healthy and holds a strong place in Indian kitchens.

5. Leonardo Olive Oil

Leonardo Olive Oil

Leonardo Olive Oil is prepared by the natural process. This is one of the healthy olive oil and used for cooking, salad decoration etc. It is used for cooking both in-house as well as in restaurants. Due to its neutral aroma, it is one of preferred brand.

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Del Monte

Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Del Monte

This is one of the commonly used Olive oils available in the Indian market. It is rich in carbohydrates, sodium and Potassium and has numerous health benefits. It has unique color and aroma and preferred choice for a large number of people.

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3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The next name in this list is Extra Virgin Olive Oil which comes in the sleek bottle of green color. This oil consists of antioxidants and other medicinal properties which fight the disease like cancer. This is the rich source of Vitamin E and preferred choice of the large segment of the population. Apart from cooking, this oil is also good for hair and skin.

2. Farrell Olive Oil

Farrell Olive Oil

This oil can be used on daily basis. It is healthy oil consists of mono-unsaturated fats and stops the arteries blockages. Farrell Olive Oil has the sweet smell and can be used for cooking, dressing salad etc. Due to its sweet smell, it makes the salad tastier and pleasant.

1. Borges Extra Light Olive Oil

Borges Extra Light Olive Oil

Unquestionably, Borges extra light olive oil tops the rank of the Olive oils list in India used for cooking. This oil is extremely light by weight, consists of anti-oxidants and healthy for you. It is prepared by extraction of Mediterranean olives which is the richest source of Olive oils in the whole world.  Borges Extra Light Olive oil is also used to control and maintain the cholesterol level in a human body.

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