Top 10 Best Movies of Chiranjeevi Till Date

Chiranjeevi is one of the acclaimed Indian actors, who has ruled the Andhra film industry for nearly four decades, with hundreds of outstanding performances to his credit. This versatile actor has given countless hits and is revered as the ultimate super star among his fans.

Here is a list of top 10 best Chiranjeevi movies:

10. Pratibandh (1990)

“Pratibandh” was the first Hindi movie of Chiranjeevi, which starred him a young and honest police officer, who avenges the death of his wife at the hand of a dishonest and corrupt minister. The movie was directed by Ravi raja Pinisetty and had actress Juhi Chawla in the female lead.

9. Abhilasha (1983)

Next on the list of best movies of Chiranjeevi is the 1983 movie “Abhilasha”, which is adapted from a novel of the same name, written by Yandamuri Veerendranath. Chiranjeevi plays a young lawyer, who seeks to bring an end to the law of death sentence by hanging.

8. Khaidi (1983)

“Khaidi” is a milestone film in the career of Chiranjeevi, which established him as one of the top actors in the Telugu. In the film, Chiranjeevi features as a young man Suryam, who is wrongly accused of killing his own father and sister and ends up taking his revenge on the actual culprit.

7. Gharana Mogudu (1992)

This block buster Telugu movie starred Nagma opposite Chiranjeevi and was directed by K Raghavendra Rao. It is the story of a poor young fellow who is employed by a strict female industrialist in his factory. She marries her to stop him from causing a stir among the labor, but he ends changing her for the better.

6. Vijetha (1985)

Next on this list is the heart warming family drama “Vijetha”, a film starring Chiranjeevi as a young boy, who gives up his kidney so that he can arrange money for the lavish marriage of his sister. The family, however, comes to know about his sacrifice later.

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