Top 10 Best Martial Arts Styles Around the World

Great percentage of the world’s population today decided to learn martial arts in order for them to have an effective self defense. However, there are some people who study martial arts as their favorite sport, and there are even others who make use of it as their great form of exercising technique. Whatever your reason is, here are the top 10 best martial arts styles famous in the world:

10. Krav Maga

Krav Maga

It’s targeting the vital body parts of the opponent. Violent skills are incorporated into it, and there are no rules for this. This is why it’s not used as sport. It’s mainly for self-defense. In fact, special police officers in Israel and in some other countries use it for security purposes.

9. Aikido


A considerable amount of assailant’s energy and strength is needed in this style of martial arts. It was way back in the early 90’s when Aikido was created and firstly practiced it in Japan. The main purpose of Aikido isn’t to give serious wounds to the opponent, but to disarm her or him.

8. Judo


Such style of martial arts is very popular in Japan since it’s where Judo exactly originates. A brilliant Japanese man named Kano Jigoro was the one behind the invention of this martial arts style. He was inspired to know the basic skills involved in some other types of martial arts in order to come up with the modern-day style of martial arts known as Judo.

7. Kickboxing


Kickboxing is mainly used for self-defense. Hence, it’s just right for this martial arts style to require extreme focus on the doer. The movements must also be distracting and fast-paced. When there is an opening, you must attack your opponent with kicks, knees, and punches. This is how kickboxing goes.

6. Karate 


Karate actually means “empty hand”. This is named after the nature of this martial arts type, which is performing it without anything in your hands. Meaning to say, any kind of weapon is not allowed while doing karate. It was way back in the earlier days of 13th century when Karate was introduced and practiced.

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