Top 10 Best Make Up Tips for Indian Brides

A wedding is the most special day in the life of a girl, as this is one occasion of her life when she would be in limelight. The large number of customs, traditions and celebrations make the Indian wedding a lavish affair and the Indian bride needs to put in some extra efforts to look beautiful through all the wedding functions. For this purpose, she has to put a great deal of attention and effort in her makeup, hairdo and attire, looking after every single detail with great care.

Here are 10 best make up tips for Indian brides:

1. Special Preparations for the Big Day

Before the big day arrives, the bride has to prepare herself for bringing out the best in her. She needs to look after regular cleansing and exfoliation of her skin a few months prior to the wedding, along with natural fruits and honey mask for lending a youthful glow to the skin. Eating a balanced diet, meditation and keeping herself stress free would also help her a great deal. It is also important to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

2. Set an Advance Appointment with the Makeup Artist

The bride needs to set up an advance appointment with her makeup artist to discuss the look she would exactly want for her big day. A trial session before the d-day would be great to set a rapport between the bride and her makeup artist. Pre bridal session which includes services like manicure, pedicure, wax, spa and facial, is also needed a few days before the wedding.

3. Focus on Moderation

Indian brides need to carry a lot of heavy jewelry, in addition to wearing bright and heavy bridal attire. This necessitates for focusing on moderation as far as makeup is concerned. The artist should emphasize on accentuating her best features without being too loud.

4. Base Make Up

Base make up is the most vital part of the bridal makeup and it should start with moisturizer, flowed by concealer and a good quality foundation to hide the blemishes and get an even tone for the skin. follow it up with blusher, applied according to the face contour.

5. Eye Makeup Tips

It is essential for the bride to prevent puffy eyes before the wedding by getting plenty of sleep, as eyes are the most prominent facial feature. Use water proof eye makeup, with appropriate use of eye shades, mascara, eyeliner and kohl pencil. The eye shadow should complement the bridal dress, while eyebrows need to be highlighted too.

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  1. Hiten says:

    Now-a-days flower are part of Make up for Indian brides. Different types of Exotic Flowers like orchid, lily’s, gerbera etc. are used to make the bride more beautiful. As Indian Brides normally use flower in their hair during marriage.

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