Top 10 Best Logistics Companies in India 2017

The logistics companies are involved in the process of planning, implementing and controlling the delivery of goods from its place of origin to the place of its destination. The logistics company plays a important role in the economy and development of country, since they are responsible for the export and import of goods all across the world. The logistics company have undergone major evolution over the past few years and grown in humongous amount over the years. They have given employment to many people.

These are the top 10 best logistics companies in India and they have been involved in this business for about a decade now.

10. Global Express Services

Global Express Services

The Global Express Services was found in the year 1888. The services provided by the company includes transportation, warehouse and packaging.  They have their headquarters at Mumbai, Maharashtra. They render their service worldwide in about 80 countries. They have more than 50 branches all over the world. With the help of their skilled professionals they provide you with reliable and trustworthy service.


9. First flight

First flight

The First flight was established in the year 1986. They provide their services in logistics and courier and have their headquarters situated in Mumbai. They provide you with four important traits required for a good logistics company i.e., speed, safety, reliability and economy. They have worldwide network and have about 17,000 employees in India. They are one of the innovative companies in this field.  They have about 1200 offices for the purpose of providing eminent service to their customers.

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8. FedEx


FedEx company was established in the year 1973. They provide the services of logistics and transportation. They are American based company with their main office situated at Dallas. Their services are fast and exceptional. They operate in more than 200 companies. In single business day they carry out shipments of 3.6 billion. They are also known to others in different names like FedEx express, FedEx freight, FedEx ground, etc. They have more than 30,000 employees to help them provide a good service.


7. Blue Dart

Blue Dart

The Blue Dart Company was first started in the year 1994.  They are in the business of courier and logistics service and is an ISO certified company. Blue Dart is an South Asian company and one of their facilities include delivering package through airline service and they are integrated with the aviation company.  They provide express package delivery through air express service. They deliver packages to about 220 countries.  The company is based in Chennai, India. You can check the status of your courier through their online service.




They DTDC company was found in the year 1990. The abbreviation of DTDC is Door to Door Courier. They have their headquarters in Mumbai. They provide their customers with domestic and international logistics facilities like courier, supply chain solutions and freight forwarding.  The other fast services provided by them include DTDC plus, DTDC blue and prime time plus. They serve to many countries with help of their 20,000 employees.

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5. Gati


Gati was established in the year 1989. They are based in Singapore and involved in the business of courier and logistics services.  They are specialized in express cargo delivery. They reach out to almost all the districts of India. They have their branches located in China, Hong Kong and India. They are one of the well know companies in their field and very reliable.


4. Agarwal Packers and movers

 Agarwal Packers and movers

Agarwal Packers and movers are one of the best logistics company established in the year 1987. They provide the services of ware housing, packing for transportation, aviation transportation, 3PL and other ancillary. They have many years of experience in this industry.  In India they  have about 1264 offices with  over 3000 employees to help run these offices. They are also recognised as one of largest movers by the Limca book of records. Recently they also started shipping internationally.


3. All Cargo Logistics Ltd

All Cargo Logistics Ltd

The All Cargo Logistics Ltd started in the year 1993, is serving over 90 countries at present. It has over 8000 employs to provide the customers with exceptional service and it is in partnership with the Avvashya Group and their main office is located in Mumbai. They have more than 90 balances to help perform their services. They are impeccable in their service.

2. DHL


They DHL company was founded by three persons called Dalsy, Hillblom and Lynn, hence the name and was found in the year 1969. They headquarter is located in Mumbai. They have employed about 27, 5000 employees in order to carry out their quality work in an efficient manner. They deliver parcels all over the world.   They won over the trust of people with the experience of utilising the logistics process of their German parent company.

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1. TNT express

TNT express

The TNT express is one of the largest express parcel transportation companies in the world and was established in the year 1994. It is a leasing Australian based company and it has its headquarters in Bangalore. They ship parcels, documents and freight item to the desired destination of their customers. They are offering their services in global level in about 200 countries with help of their 65,000 employees. They provide quality service in minimum amount of time.


So these all above mentioned names are the best logistics companies of the country which helps in smooth functioning.

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