Top 10 Best Job Opportunities in India 2015

Job seekers in India have become more conscious these days and are willing to put in their best efforts to get lucrative jobs in their fields and according to their caliber. In fact, they are now aware about the job responsibilities as well as salary expectations and will not settle for anything below par.

Here are top 10 best job opportunities in India:

10. Product Managers

Product managers are responsible for launching new products as well as integrating the same with the present business. Qualified MBA professionals can get these jobs, which fetch a salary up to Rs 60 lakhs per annum.

9. Retail Planners

Another excellent job opportunity in India in 2015 is in retail planning, which is attributed to the phenomenal growth of the retail sector in the country. Brands and stores are now diversifying into online stores, which have led to an increase in demand of retail planners in the country. These professionals can earn nearly Rs 6 lakh per annum in the beginning.

8. Teachers

Education boom in India has led to an unprecedented increase in the number of schools, colleges and private educational institutes in the country, which has led to a great increase in the demand of teachers here. Therefore, teaching is another excellent job opportunity in India.

7. Digital Marketers

The rise in population having access to internet has created a huge demand of digital marketers in the IT sector. Professionals adept at digital marketing as well as proper domain knowledge can get lucrative job opportunities in this sector.

6. Mechanical Engineers

Featuring next in the list of top 10 best job opportunities in India in 2015 is that for a mechanical engineer, which are available in public as well as private sectors in industries such as power, coal and oil and construction. Both freshers as well as experienced candidates can get jobs in this field.

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