Top 10 Best IT Companies to Work in India 2017

There are many people in India who study science and they want to get a job in a big and decent IT company who will pay them well and will also take care of their needs. India is full of such companies and most of them are really good and also comes under the best IT companies in India. Infact, the below mentioned companies are indeed the best IT companies and it is the best place to work. The work culture, environment and everything is really great of these companies and also is very amiable. Anyone working in these companies will surely love the atmosphere and would like to work here no matter what. Here is a list of top 10 IT Companies to work in India.

10. Cyient

Cyient is one of the best IT Companies in India to work in. It works in many different sectors and you can always select your area of interest and get started. It is also a good place to learn.


9. Mphasis

Mphasis is one of the top 10 IT companies to work in India. It is a MNC and is also a part of the biggest architecture company Hewlett Packard. It has it main head office in Bangalore. They provide services in IT outsourcing and Consulting. It is one of the best places to work in.


8. Oracle Financial Service

Oracle Financial Services is one of the best IT Companies in India to work. The company has its main office in Mumbai and it has a lot of people working under them. They offer various services such as IT, Consulting and Outsourcing.


7. Larsen and Turbo Infotech

Larsen and Turbo Infotech is one of the best Companies where you can work. The company has a lot to offer to its clients and they also give good packages. They provide service in many areas like IT, Outsourcing, BPO and many more. It has many offices, which are spread across the country.


6. Tech Mahindra Limited

Tech Mahindra Limited is one of the best IT companies to work in India. The head office of Tech Mahindra is in Pune. They have more than 50000 people working for them and they are always ready to hire new and talented people. They provide outsourcing, consulting and BPO services to their clients.


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