Top 10 Best Information Technology (IT) Companies in the World 2015

If the present day people are overwhelmed with their success, the major credit goes to the Information technology. Starting from making the life faster to employment, in all aspects humans are grateful near this technology. It’s a dream for every aspiring computer engineering students to be part of these grand organizations. It’s a culture that they have set that is the easiest formula of being successful. Here we present top ten software companies in this world those have set milestones in concerned arena.

10. Amadeus IT Group

Amadeus IT is a company that offers services for travel agencies regarding pricing, booking and other concerned sectors. The company was founded in the year 1987, and headquarter is located at Madrid, Spain. The company generated $4.1 billion USD in past fiscal year. They are certainly the trend setter in travel technology arena, and are quite incompetent in their sectors.

9. Salesforce Inc.

If you know that cloud computing is anything booming these days, then the above companies hold the most credit for it. Salesforce Inc has it’s headquarter in San Francisco, California. They have set a unique milestone, and have created a lot of buzz regarding customer relationship management product. They have been placed in Forbes magazine’s creative company line-up. Last fiscal year they have generated revenue of $ 4.1 billion USD.

8. Intuit

This based in America software house has made the task of financial and tax departments easier. They develop financial packages and taxation products for different organizations. Apart from this, they also develop other concerned products for business organizations and accountants. The company has its headquarter in Mountain View, California. They generate $4.2 billion USD revenue in last fiscal year.

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7. CA, Inc.

Computer Associates International, also known as CA was established in 1976 by Charles B.Wang. They are one of the biggest IT organizations over the globe performing independent. CA has it’s headquarter in New York. They make system application that performs in main stream, and cloud computing sectors. Last fiscal year they have generated $4.6 billion USD.

6. Fiserv

Fiserv Inc is a leading software company having the expertise in producing financial services technology. They have a huge client base that counts even more than seventeen hundred. These clients include banking sectors, management firms, retail sectors, market research farms, and others. Reportedly, they have generated $4.5 billion USD in last fiscal year.

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