Top 10 Best Headphone Brands In The World

Headphone is one of the most important gears every music lovers must have. Headphone is an oasis of privacy. It lets you see the real picture of what you really want to hear. Determining the headphone brands might help you which one really works best.

Top Headphone Brands from Worst to Best

10. JBL

The JBL headphones are a little bit controversial brand because of how they modify the signal sound. Some try to be having lesser hand-offs but most of them require a significant amount of modification. This kind is seemingly good at first but usually fall down after few months of careless use. However, they are tending to have a very heavy bass.

9. Sol Republc

Sol republic is a big, bass-heavy brand. They modify the sound and make it really more bass driven. This process sometimes resulted to loss of underlying quality and complexity of music. But this can be very appealing to some headphone users. Sol republic sells their headphone products in lower prices.

8. House of Marley

House of Marley is a mass-market brand. This brand has headphones with superior bass quality. Though they are not really that popular and only have lesser presence in the headphone market, but they rank even higher. They produce products with particularly good sound quality in any dimension. This kind maybe hard to find but they can always offer you better choices.

7. Plantronics

Plantronics brand occupies an awkward spot in the headphone world because they don’t have much established fan base yet. However, they really have pretty headphones with good features and improved sound quality.

6. Pioneer

The pioneer brand is a little bit famous. They offer several types of headphones spreading in the different markets of the world. Their headphones have not been exactly good for some users. But most DJs and mixers love this brand due to quality matters. If you are not a DJ or a music mixer, you may don’t like the brand. But the fact that most music lovers love the name will make your mind change.

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