Top 10 Best Hatchback Cars in India 2017

Life is getting faster and the things surrounding are smaller. If you compare the DOS computers a few years back, and the super trimmed slates, things can be a lot clearer. In fact people also prefer to be as lightweight as it is possible. The same mindset has hit the car arena s well. For the small and happy families the hatchbacks have turned out to be the finest options. Especially, in nations like India these are very popular. The compilation below is about 10 much buzzed hatchbacks for 2016.

1. New Honda Jazz Diesel

New Honda Jazz Diesel

If you are looking for an option through which the full amount of your money can be delivered, then the best option can be to go with the Honda cars. In this case, the Honda Jazz is a fine hatchback that gets powered by i-DTEC Earthdream engine. The best part is that its price suits pretty much with the comfort zones of Indians at around Rs. 5.5 lakhs.

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2. Ford Figo

Ford Figo

Ford Figo is in a lot of buzz these days being one of the top contenders in the car arena in Indian scenarios. Analysts claim this can be a good equivalent for popular four-wheelers like Maruti Swift. Anyway, it comes with 1.5 li Diesel engine and 1.2 Petrol engine. Coming to the price, the car can be bagged at the expense of about Rs. 5 lakhs.

3. Tata Bolt

Tata Bolt

Tata is known to be having some specials skills for producing hatchbacks. Here we come up with another excellent stuff of a fine class. The new Tata Bolt comes in 1.3 litre diesel engine and 1.2 litre Petrol engine. Tata cars have been always pocket friendly for Indians, and this time as well it is quite cost effective carrying a tag of about Rs. 4.5 lakhs.

4. Datsun Redi Go

Datsun Redi Go

Datsun has been in news since inception. Despite being quite young in this sector it has dragged many attentions for its strategic approach. Especially, it is turning out to be a smart player in terms of producing hatchbacks. Anyway, being specific, Dastun Redi Go is going to be a big hit of 2015 being made perfectly for Indian scenarios carrying an affordable tag of about Rs. 3 lakhs.

5. Maruti Celerio

Maruti Celerio

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