Top 10 Best Hair Color Removers in India 2016

Hair coloring is a technique people usually adopt to get a makeover but it can turn into an ordeal if a wrong color or wrong product is used. However, there are a number of well known hair color removal brands in the Indian market, which can be used to reverse the effects of hair color.

Here is a list of top 10 best hair color removers in India:

10. Alfaparf Meches Decolor

Alfaparf Meches Decolor is a cream based hair color remover which uses three different ingredients, cream, booster and activator to make hair come back to its natural color. The product has a professional formulation and is dermatologically tested.

9. Affinage Eraser

The next name on the list of best hair color removers in India is the product called Affinage, a gentle hair remover perfect for giving natural color back after getting rid of permanent hair color. A single application is enough to give excellent results.

8. JoBaz Hair Color Remover

JoBaz Hair Color Remover is another trusted hair color remover which uses the technique of minimizing the color molecules and removing them from hair for good. It can be re colored again very soon.

7. My Hairdresser

Another reputed hair color remover in India is My Hairdresser, which is liked because it is free of harmful chemicals and bleach. Another plus point of this hair color remover is that it can be followed by a re color within just 24 hours.

6. Uberhair Color Remover

Uberhair Color Remover is an effective product to get rid of permanent hair color and it prevents any damage to hair because it is free of ammonia and bleach. The product shrivels away dye molecules so that they can be washed away from the hair. It leaves the hair roots moisturized with its Japanese hydrolysed silk.

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