Top 10 Best Gujarati Food Recipes

When we are on the verge to discover the different cuisines of India, the most important one that have the typical cultural heritage and the culinary art is the Gujarati cuisine. While we are talking about Gujarati cuisine, the most important thing that comes in our mind is its amazing typical taste and tempting desi flavors. That is the only specialty in the Gujarati cuisine that makes it one of the most significant cuisines of India.

If you get impressed with just the description of this classic cuisine, then you should have to try these 10 Best Gujarati Food Recipes that will definitely tantalize your taste buds.

10. Handvo

You all have tried the sweet and delightful cake and tired of that. So here is the Gujarati cake that offers you the snap to the old and boring sweet cake. Handvo is the savory tea cake that is made in the typical Gujarati style to tantalize your taste buds. This cake is made with the combination of lentils, rice and buttermilk that is crisp outside.

9. Dal Dhokli

Another one of the healthy recipes from Gujarat that is considered to be the gem of Gujarat is the Dal Dhokli. As the name suggest it is something that is made from the goodness of dal. This one is the popular Gujarati curry in which the savor dumplings are simmered. Hmm.. Seems tasty? Then try it in your own kitchen.

8. Methi ka Thepla

Next on the list is something really interesting that you haven’t tried yet. This is the signature dish from Gujarat that is comprised of methi, the strong flavor of garlic, rich flavor of herbs and chilies. Convert all these ingredients in dough and make the crispy parathas.

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7. Bardoli ki Khichdi

A healthy snap to the daily routine meal, Bardoli ki Khichdi is a perfect meal that you can have. This one is something sort of the rice preparation that is cooked along with the fresh vegetables like potatoes and peas. The tangy flavor of raw mango and the typical spices of India makes this khichdi, the worth trying one.

6. Dhokla


The “Jaan” of Gujarati cuisine, Dhokla is another most important dish of Gujarat that you can also have to enjoy the flavor of Gujarati culinary art. The soft and tender Gujarati Dhoklas should not be missed as they are made with the besan and other colorful tempering.

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