Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Teacher’s Day

A teacher is a true guide, who always holds a very special place in the lives and hearts of his students. He or she is the one who can steer the student’s life in the right direction and put him on the right career path. There is no better occasion than the Teacher’s Day to thank your teachers for their tremendous contribution to your life.

Here are top 10 best gift ideas for Teacher’s Day:

1. Books


There is an inevitable connection between teachers and books as both of them are storehouses of knowledge. So what can be a better gift for your teacher than a collection of latest books from his or her favorite author and of a subject to their liking!

2. Music CDs

Music CDs

If you know that your teacher is an avid music fan, then a pack of his favorite singer’s music CDs can be an ideal gift for Teacher’s Day. Whether the CDs are from the latest collection or old songs, depends upon the liking of your teacher. Some gaming CDs would be a great gift if the teacher is gaming savvy.

3. Handbag/Wallet

Handbag Wallet

Another cool and useful Teacher’s Day gift idea is a handbag for a female teacher and a wallet for a male teacher. Do not compromise on price and quality because this special person deserves nothing but the best.

4. A “Thank You” Cake

A “Thank You” Cake

For those whose budget is limited, a “Thank You” cake would do the trick and bring a wide smile on the face of your teacher on the big day. It would be even better if you could attempt to bake the cake on your own, as it is bound to be a touching treat for your mentor.

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5. Self Made Collage

Self Made Collage

Collect some pictures from various sources and make a nice collage for your teacher dedicated to the noble services given by him/her. The gift would require some preparation, so get going well ahead in time.

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