Top 10 Best Front Load Washing Machines in India with Price

Washing machines are no longer a luxury but have become a necessity of life. Working women prefer to buy fully automatic washing machines as these help them save their valuable time and labor and they have no hesitation in spending a little extra to own this household commodity. In fully automatic washing machines, the front loading variant has become a preferred one. For this reason, a number of manufacturers are coming up with a wide range in this commodity.

Here is a list of top 10 best front load washing machines in India with their prices:

10. Bosch Wax 20168IN 6 kg

Bosch Wax 20168IN 6 kg

Bosch Wax 20168IN is one of the latest and most popular front load washing machine available in the Indian market. It eases up your daily washing with functions like load detection, foam detection and fully electronic control dial. The price of this awesome product is Rs 24,999.

9. Samsung WF1600NCW/TL 6 kg

Samsung WF1600NCW/TL 6 kg

Samsung WF1600NCW/TL is an appreciated model which has the reputed brand name of Samsung along with latest, state of the art features like diamond drum, child lock, jog dial and a lot more. The price is economical too, available for Rs 26,990.

8. LG F1091NDL2 6 kg

LG F1091NDL2 6 kg

The next name on the list of top 10 best front load washing machines in India is that of LG F1091NDL2 6 kg, which presents excellent features like quick wash mode, time delay setting and durable heater, all for the affordable price of Rs 26,890. And of course, there is the brand value of LG that makes this machine, a preferred buy.

7. LG F10B8NDL2 6 kg

LG F10B8NDL2 6 kg

Another acclaimed front load washing machine from the same brand is LG F10B8NDL2, which comes with highly advanced features such as multiple washing modes, 6 motion technology, low power consumption and inverter direct drive. To buy this one, you would have to shell out Rs 33,799.

6. Electrolux EF60ERWH 6 kg

Electrolux EF60ERWH 6 kg

If you are looking for a front load washing machine that comes in budget, then Electrolux EF60ERWH 6 kg is just right for you as you can own it for only Rs 17,990. The machine, however, does not lack in features as it is equipped the most innovative ones like fuzzy logic, quick wash modes and anti foam sensor, and this makes it value for money proposition.

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