Top 10 Best Electronic Brands in India 2017

India is a big market and diverse consumers make it even bigger. As the consumer base is very strong and wide, the need is equally greater. There are many electronic brands in India that are very popular among the Indians. The wide range of products and quality of the products make them best in the market. Here are the Top 10 Electronic brands in India.

10. Videocon


The Indian based company is known for diverse range of products. It is one of the trusted brands in India. The brand produces products like TV, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Mobile, Washing Machine and many more. There are different products for Videocon available with different price ranges.

9. Micromax


 It is again an Indian brand that surged from nowhere in last couple of years. It is one of the most sold brands in India that is known for affordable price ranges and quality products. It stated with mobile devices but later released products for different electronic items.

8. Panasonic


It is one of the leading Electronic brands in India that has won million of hearts. This is one of the established brands that have range of products available in different fields. Starting from mobile to TV and others are available for the Panasonic brand.

7. LG


The South Korean brand has huge market share when it comes to the Electronic market. The brand has wide range of products starting from mobile to laptop. High end technology and integrated solutions are the driving force behind the brand’s success. You can get products like TV, Refrigerator, AC, Mobile and many more with quality service and durability.

6. Onida


It is one of the most popular and trusted brands in India. There are wide range of products available under the name of the brand. The brand is affordable and equally established for quality products. It releases products for wide range like mobile, TV and other large home appliances.

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