Top 10 Best Dishes of the World

Food lovers all over the world carry on their search around the globe, looking for the best dishes, in terms of taste, looks and health. Various countries have their own signature dishes, whose secret recipes have been handed down from generation to generation, making a grand legacy of tastes and flavors.

Here is a list of top 10 dishes of the world

10. Crepes


Who can forget the French Crepes when it comes to talking about the best dishes in the world. These ultra thin pancakes come in sweet and savory variants and are melted in your mouth before you know it.

9. Falafel


Featuring next on the list of the best tasting dishes in the world id the Israeli surprise called Falafel, which are fried balls made of chickpeas. This simple sounding dish is absolutely incredible in taste, which makes it a hot seller in every mall and street of the country.

8. Ramen


This Japanese noodle soup has earned a place on the list of top 10 dishes of the world, on account of its heavenly taste and amazing aroma. Ramen is served all over the streets of Japan, with its counters crowded particularly in the evening time.

7. Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Another amazing dish is the Thai specialty, Pad Thai, which is a combination of stir fried noodles and meat, a wholesome dish and usual night time food in the country. Despite being a popular dish, it is an absolute taboo for those suffering from peanut allergy.

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6. Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Next up is the staple dish of the UK, which is classic fish and chips, one of the most tempting fried varieties of fish, served with fries. This is a complete meal in itself, which is relished all across the country and the world too.

5. Doner Kebab

Doner Kebab

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