Top 10 Best Diesel Cars in India 2015

Upon taking an analytical dig it can be easily found that Indians prefer the diesel cars. Being specific, the compact four-wheelers have managed to drag most number of attentions. Hatchbacks are quite popular as well. The biggest attribute for them is the fuel efficient nature. All they hold good ARAI ranking. Another biggest factor that determines the success of a car is its cost effective nature, especially in Indian conditions. Competition is increasing day by day, anyway, we present you the top 10 cars those have managed to make some noise among fans and speculated to be quite successful in coming year 2015. Have a look!

1. Hyundai Xcent

Hyundai Xcent

The cars with ARAI rating of 24.4 Kpl can delver highway mileage of 20.3 Kmpl. If you are a more city rider then the mileage can be about 16.5 kmpl. Talking of the maintenance it can be well within your budget in a month. The price varies from zones to zone; however, on an average note it costs about 6 lakhs. The vehicle has certainly dragged a lot of popularity in India.

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2. Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha

Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha

Maruti products have been one of the top faith cars over the nation. Anyway, Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha is quite sure to be a successful name in 2015. It runs through the 1.3 lite multi-jet diesel engines. Most people are comparing it with Ford EcoSport. Prices vary, but this one is expected to be tagged at a price of around 6 lakhs on an average.

3. Honda Amaze

Honda Amaze

It’s a superb recommendation for those who are looking for a diesel engine car. It has the ARAI rating of 25.8 Kpl. In cities the vehicle offers a mileage of 15.2 kpl, and on highways about 22 kpl. Maintenance is not too at a higher side as well. Its four cylinder engine generates 98.6bhp power and torque of 20.3.

4. Chevrolet Beat

Chevrolet Beat

This is considered one of the best options for the family men in cities. It offers a city mileage of about 17kpl, and on highways it gets stretched to about 20 kmpl. The vehicle may cost you anywhere around 5.5 lakhs in different showrooms. It has the displacement of 936 cc. If you are looking for a cost effective option in Indian scenarios then this can be perfect recommendation for you.

5. Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel

Maruti Celerio

Maruti Suzuki Celerio is certainly going to be in spotlight of the car arena coming year. Powered by a terrific 800 cc diesel engine the vehicle can be well within your budget at around 4 lakhs. This is one of the most power efficient options as well at efficiency of 35 km/l. It produces the power output of about 55 bhp, and packs a quite elegant design pattern.

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