Top Ten Best Credit Cards in India 2015

Credit cards are mostly used by high/upper middle class people. This card is the easiest modes of payment and reduces your burden of carrying money all the time with you. At present it is the most demanded card in India. But the most important thing before collecting a credit card is that you must get proper information about its service charges, discounts etc. This card is of different types like travelers’ credit cards, shopping credit cards, international travel credit cards etc. Different credit cards have different features like different interest rates, different fees etc. To avoid unnecessary expense you must know each and every detail before selecting a credit card. For your better knowledge, here is a list of top 10 best credit cards in India- have a look.

10. ICICI Instant Platinum Credit Card

Joining Fee: Nil Annul Fee: Nil

Description: Fixed deposit amount: Rs. 20,000 and you will keep it for at least 180 days. Against your security deposit you will access this card instantly.

9. HDFC Bank Platinum Times Card

Joining Fee: Changeable from time to time Annul Fee: Changeable from time to time

Description: You will get 25% off on movies and on dining you will get 20% off. Most important feature is its welcome gift vouchers for shopping, dining or apparel. In case of weekday dining you will get 10 points as reward on every Rs 150 spent and for other spent it is 3 points.

8.RBL Bank Platinum Delight Credit card

Joining Fee: Nil Annual Fee: Rs. 750

Description: This card has a renewal fee of Rs.750 and this will be waived off on purchase of Rs. 1, 00,000 or more through this card.

7.RBL Bank Platinum Maxima Credit Card

Joining Fee: Nil Annul Fee: Rs. 2000

Description: This card requires a renewal fee of Rs. 2000 and the card is offered by RBL Bank. If you spend 100/- for purchase, you will earn 2 reward points.

6. HDFC Bank Solitaire Credit Card

Joining Fee: Changeable from time to time Annul Fee: Changeable from time to time

Description: Per Rs. 150 spent you will get 3 points and spend on grocery and dining you will get 50% additional points. Rs.1,000 Shoppers Stop voucher is available if you spend Rs.75,000 on every 6 months

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