Top 10 Best Coconut Food Recipes

Coconut is one of the most special and the aromatic nut that is really easy to grow. The origin of the coconut is not known exactly and it is still debatable that exactly from which area of the world, this synonymous to miracle and generously beneficial nut was aroused. The term coconut was derived from the Spanish word means Coco, very head or skull.

Different regions of the world are using the coconuts in their foods according to their traditions and tastes. But due to its enriched and something very peculiar taste, it is one of the most used ingredients in the foods to make them unique and special.

Here are the top 10 best coconut food recipes that are really very tempting and alluring:

10. Thai Green Chicken Curry

One of the most amazing and the rich curry recipe that is having popularity all across the world is the Thai Green Chicken Curry. The curry is prepared from the rich paste of coconut along with its milk and chicken is cooked within such rich curry to perfection. This dish is considered to be the Thai specialty and is really a hot one.

9. Chicken Xacuti

Having been originated in the most popular city of India, Goa, this recipe is having a really good combo of chicken and coconut. The amazing aroma of this dish and the pleasant taste will leave you want more even after your fill.

8. German Chocolate Cream Pie

This one is really a contest winning recipe that is always a perfect end to your meal. Indulge in the exotic taste of chocolate and coconut with the delicacy of cream within the delicious and luscious sweet pie. Enjoy this perfect sweet recipe with the Moscatto or a sweet Riesling.

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7. Coconut Brownies

Who do not have the love for brownies? And when it gets mixed with coconut, OMG, its flavorful and luscious combination gives the experience of what you want. This coconut brownie is something that when served warm with the ice cream makes beyond the description taste.

6. Best Coconut Chocolate Cake

When coconut gets combined with your all- time favorite chocolate, then who needs something else. This one is one of the best coconut recipes for the people who always want something sweet to eat. With the goodness of coconut along with the rich dark chocolate when baked in the shape of a cake can become the hot of your dining table tonight.

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