Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands in India

Chocolates make the favorite desert of people of all ages and around the world. The Indian market has a number of renowned chocolate brands, which rule the hearts of millions as they love to relish them as well as gift them to their loved ones. These brands cater to diverse tastes with product lines such as plain milk chocolate, caramel chocolate, nutty delights and a lot more.

Here is a list of top 10 best chocolate brands in India:

10. Alpino


Nestle Alpino is one of the best loved brands of chocolates in India and is a global favorite too. It has a unique taste which you would love to share with the special ones. The packaging of Alpino is attractive too, which makes it an ideal gifting option.

9. Bar One

Bar One

The next name on the list of top 10 best chocolate brands in India is that of Nestle Bar One, the favorite energy bar of India. It hit the counters in 1991 and is loved as a mouth watering snack, by the young and the old alike.

8. Perk


Perk is a much loved Cadbury chocolate that combines wafer and chocolate and is packed with glucose energy. The brand which came to the market in 1995, is acclaimed for its amazing taste and high health value.

7. Munch


Another wafer based chocolate brand in India is Munch and it is a product of the global market leader, Nestle. The brand captured a considerable part of Indian market right from its launch in 1999. It is a hot favorite among children as it has 4 layers of crunchy wafers and rich chocolate.

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6. Temptation


While talking about the best and most popular brands of chocolate in India, it would be hard to skip the name of Cadbury’s Temptation. This high end brand brings four delicious and nutty variants, namely Almond Treat Chocolate, Raisin Apricot Chocolate, Rum Raisin Chocolate and Cashew Appeal Chocolate.

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