Top 10 Best BMW Cars In India 2017

BMW is a brand that defined elegance, style, comfort and mind blowing performing. The German Car Manufacturer has been able to considerably woo the Indian Market, with increase in sale consecutively throughout these years.

Top 10 pick for BMW cars in India are

10. BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 Series

It is one of the cheapest editions from luxury market with rear wheel drive and the extended bonnet is a definite eye catching attraction. It offers LEDs for both tail and head lights with extensive dynamics of mechanism. It gives you 1.6 L turbo charged petrol engine with 100kW of power and 220Nm of torque. Interior is comfortable and spacious for good experience and long journey. It is priced around 29.9 Lac.

9. BMW 3 Series

It is an amazing and classic Sedan and SUV combination with looks that exclusively woos the onlooker with level headed interiors including 360 degree surround view camera system, display for navigation and power steering for effortless driving. It has both diesel and petrol variants where the 320d model is a diesel variant. The price of car varies from Rs 35.9 to 42.9 Lac.

8. BMW X1 Series

It is sporty and eclectic SUV from BMW which has precise steering along with a power pact engine. It has comfortable and spacious interior for utter comfort. The turbo 2.0 L 4 cylinder engine with 228 hp gives exceptional good speed along with automatic all wheel drive. It has engaging chassis which looks brilliant. It ranges around Rs 37.9 Lac.

7. BMW X3 Series

It is available in both petrol and diesel variant which comes in exclusive impressive look for a perfect SUV feel. It has performance of a crossover with 3 types of turbocharged engine – 240 hp 2.0 L four, 300 hp 3.0 L six and 180 HP 2.0 L diesel four engines for excellent speed and performance. It has 8 speed automatic drive. It ranges between Rs 35.9 to 42.9 lac.

6. BMW 5 Series

It is a sedan styles car from BMW which gives a brilliant and amazing look with its extended bonnet and suave chassis. It is a luxury with turbocharged engines with eight speed automatic drive. It has powerful engine that allows a speed of 0 to 100kmph in 7.9 seconds. The interiors are minimalistic yet comfortable and highly spacious. The sedan one must absolutely aim for ranges between Rs 48.9 to 59.9 Lac.

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