Top 10 Best Beans Food Recipes

Beans are considered to be the nutritional power houses that are packed with all the basic nutrients that the human beings require to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Being rich in proteins, fiber, Vitamin B and B complexes, iron and potassium, beans can lead you to the healthy life by avoiding the risk of any damage to your health.   Besides this, beans can prevent the heart diseases, can fight against cancer, can lower the cholesterol, helps you to promote the weight loss and these can also manage the diabetes.

So, it is really a wise choice to add beans in the diet of your daily routine that are really easy to cook. Here are the 10 best recipes that include beans as their main ingredient that you can try to achieve the above mentioned benefits:

10. Cuban Black Bean Soup

Cuban Black Bean Soup

Soups are best way to gain the nourishment and taste without any effort. Black beans are the type of the beans that are black in color and serves the same benefit that are provided by any other beans. You will love the indulgence of the black beans in the gravy that is seasoned with the spices of your love.

9. Stir Fried Green Beans with Coconut Dip

With the combination of spring onions along with the other vegetables like cucumber, Chinese lettuce offers the best combination. When sautéed in the chili sauce and lime juice along with some spices, this fried beans recipe offers the exotic flavor with the coconut dip that you had never ever tasted.

8. Sweet and Sour Beans

This is the Gujarati style dish that is having the unique flavor of some sweetness and tanginess. These beans offer the pleasure full experience that cannot be offered even by chicken. When beans are coupled with tamarind sauce a spicy coconut mix along with jiggery, this gives one of the tempting dishes.

7. Green bean salad

Another really healthy and the delicious recipe that is quick and really very simple. All you need is to have 5 ingredients along with the green beans. With the dressing of olive oil and the pepper and salt, this salad is really light and healthy to your stomach.

6. Rapini with Orecchiette and White Beans

The combo of pasta along with the white beans is really healthy that gives you out of the world flavor. It is the classic combo of the greens and whites that is yum and really delicious.

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